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The Coo is 2 km. away from Queilen centre and 65km southeast from the city of Castro (approx. 75 minutes trip)

How to get the Coo?

- From Mocopulli Airport - Castro  (approx. 90 minutes)

Take the Panamericana 5 South to Castro and continue towards Chonchi, take the left turn on the W-853 until the town of Queilen

- From El Tepual Airport - Puerto Montt (approx. 210 minutes)

Take the route V60 to Puerto Montt up to the intersection with route V-720. Drive through the V-720 to Pargua where you take the ferry to Chacao. Continue through on Panamericana 5 South to Quellon up to the left turn on the W-853 towards Chonchi, afterwards continue to Queilen on the same W-853.

- From Castro Bus Terminal

Queilen Bus has frequent departures to/from Queilen. Visit for further details.

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